Many people are turning to the ancient tradition of meditation to help with the stresses of modern life.  Yet it can be difficult to know where and how to begin.

We will learn some history of this tried and true method of calming and sharpening the mind as well as the how to and reasons for meditation. The workshops provide opportunity for questions, discussion and of course actual practice of meditation.

• How to get started and stay motivated in your exploration of Meditation

• How to prepare the mind and also the body for Meditation so that                distractions can be reduced

• How to use meditation to answer questions about the day-to-day issues in   your life

• How to use meditation to lower anxiety, stress and fatigue

• How to use meditation to aid in healthy sleep

• How to use meditation to ascend to greater levels of awareness and       consciousness

June Bradley is an experienced meditator and mindfulness-based yoga instructor.

Meditation Series with June 

This workshop is suitable for those completely new to meditation and also for those who have dabbled or are currently regular meditators.

Small group classes or individual mentoring available upon request.